Event Management Melbourne - Events Management Melbourne

1E is your one contact for everything in events!

We are a team of events professionals, creating events across Australiasia from our Melbourne base, we are dedicated to achieving the very best in event management. 1E provides you with a one stop service, for businesses and individuals wanting to create spectacular special events. Working within your resources & budgets, we assist your team in the design, development & implementation of any type of special event with a total focus on your desired outcome.

1E is an event management company that works differently from the rest of the pack.  We work with your company’s team and management as an insource events management provider, creating world class and memorable experiences while ownership of the event remains with you at all times.

1E provides complete event management, design and delivery services.

A major point of difference of 1E is our capability to provide event management from inside a company, while ownership of the event remains with the client at all times.   We offer travel and itinerary management, delegate communications and marketing of the event, venues and catering.  We work closely with you to deliver your desired outcomes for the company and for the event.  We work to your timelines and your budget.

Our management structure is simple and clear. One person from 1E looks after your event from top to bottom, start to finish.  There are no multiple handlers or confusing communication processes.  All external suppliers are communicated in the one briefing simply and clearly. 1 person, 1 contact, 1 event.

Event management for truly world class events!

We are all about making our clients famous and their events memorable. To create truly special events, we do not use the same ideas and concepts twice.  We ensure that no two events are ever the same.  As each client is unique, we treat each job differently, delivering individual outcomes and unique world class events.

If you need complete event management services, contact 1E today!

Event Management Melbourne - Events Management Melbourne

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