About Us

1E is your 1 contact for everything in events!

We are an events management company that works differently from the rest of the pack.  We work with your company’s team and management as an insource events management provider, creating world class and memorable experiences while ownership of the event remains with you at all times.

1 person, 1 contact, 1 event!

We are all about making our clients famous and their events memorable. To create truly special events, we do not use the same ideas and concepts twice.  We ensure that no two events are ever the same.  As each client is unique, we treat each job differently, delivering individual outcomes and unique world class events.

Our Approach

1E delivers unique and memorable events on time and on budget.

Our philosophy is simple.  In order to care for our clients and ensure the success of their events, we deploy one events specialist to handle the job from initial concept through to execution.

1E can deliver a complete experience or work in and on specific areas of your event.  You only have to coordinate with one person who manages your event through from start to finish.  This is the difference between 1E and almost all other event management companies.

A major bugbear of this industry is the ‘handover’ when a job moves down through the ranks from department to department. 1E eliminates handover and the subsequent degeneration of information and lack of care and attention that ensues.

  • No hand overs to juniors.
  • No sales people or account managers offering you the world then selling the job down the line to an ‘event operations person’.
  • 1E = 1 contact for everything in events. 1 job, 1 person & 1 company.

Our Team

Garth Taylor

Garth Taylor

1E was launched in 1999 by Garth Taylor, 1E’s current Manager and Producer. Prior to 1999, Garth worked as National Sales and Marketing Manager for the Australian office of international games developer and publisher Gremlin Interactive, widely known for popular games such as Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto and Actua Sports.  When given the option to move to France to become a producer and developer or move to Sydney to take on a newly created Business Development Manager (BDM) role, Garth took a bold step out and and created his own business, 1 Event.

"Always a pleasure to work with Garth.  1E is well organised and on a personal note Garth is an enjoyable bloke to have a beer with!" Steven Bradbury, OAM


Simon Johnson is a sought after lighting director who has been recognised internationally for his creative talent and adaptability to all performance environments. He has worked with a whole host of corporate clients and A-list acts across all genres from Rock to Opera. In 2001 Simon became the youngest lighting designer ever to work in London’s West End. Since moving to Australia in 2006, Simon has continued to work both nationally and internationally, many Australian Artists, Festivals, and Performance Companies have sought and benefited from his creative input in the lighting design of their performances. Simon’s lighting designs add a dynamic aspect to any Corporate Event 1E produces.


Phil will bring your event to life with eye catching graphic displays ranging from wall collages and exotic table center pieces, Expo stand designs, to striking & appealing pull up banners. Phil has over 25 years of experience in the challenging and creative world of marketing, advertising and design. His set design and production experience on corporate events & theatre productions, ensure your event will have memorable visual impact!


Joes 20 years in the corporate entertainment & travel industry, provides our clientele with invaluable hands on experience & a relationship base of industry associates across the globe. Joe coordinates travel solutions for our Keynote high profile special events guests, the sponsor/supplier teams, CEO’s and provides group travel solutions for staff & delegates. Joe has been managing high profile travel for celebrity music artists for the last decade. From itinerary, immigration protocol, to tour management and stage managing the events, Joes skillset and can do approach to business is what sets him apart. Once everyone is on the ground, Joe switches roles to ‘Stage Manager’ & talent wrangler, putting hands to the unseen but essential backend into the execution major special events One Event production.

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